“Let’s go back to the drawing board.” I’m sure every designer at some point has been told this phrase and may have felt their stomach drop. We immediately start thinking about the time it took to create the project and the investment we had into it at that point. It can be so difficult as a designer to love what we are doing yet… not stay attached. I’ve learned the hard way that becoming emotionally attached to every project will not only hinder my ability to take criticism but also not allow me to move past and become better on the other side.

An example of this for me would be a graphic I had created for a big church series coming up. I created many graphics to choose from each one was something I felt personally invested in because I really wanted to impress them with my variety. However they had a different idea in mind from what I had created. If I had listed to the critique and failed forward I would have been proud of my final product. However instead of becoming better and failing forward I gave up putting my best effort in and ultimately was not happy with the final product. This is why I know now that Failing Forward is a principle so crucial to understand and live out. Failing and frustrations give us the motivation to do better and grow more than we ever thought we could. ” I’ve failed over and over and over agin in my life. And that’s why I suceed.” – Michael Jordan